No-Cost Commercial Solar - $ave up to 90 on Your Electricity Bills - (Washington)

Posted on: 11/26/17


Save up to 90% on Electricity Bills with no-money out of pocket. Do you want to start saving money for your Business, Factory, Church, City or School? We have $2 Billion in Solar Investments Funds. If your building qualifies, you could go solar with no-money out of your pocket, start saving money the first month and continue to save for years to come. Qualify for our $2 Billion Solar Fund! 1. Do you own the building or have access to the owner? 2. Have you been in business for at least 3 years? 3. Are you planning on keeping your building for at least 10 years? 4. Are you spending at least $1,000 monthly on electricity? 5. Do you have 10,000 sq ft or roof space or land? 6. Would you like to save money with no-money-out-of-pocket? If so, you may qualify. For More Information, Call or Text: (703) 829-7532

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